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The Diabolical (2015)



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Posted September 16, 2015 by

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Critics Review: NA (0 review)
Film Bloggers Review: ★★1/2 (1 review)


Ketika seorang ibu tunggal dan dua anaknya diganggu oleh penampakan yang kian aneh dan menakutkan di rumah mereka yang berada di pinggiran kota, ia berpaling pada kekasihnya yang juga merupakan seorang ilmuwan untuk melawan kekuatan gelap yang bahkan tidak berani dihadapi oleh para ahli paranormal sekalipun.


When a single mother and her two young children are tormented by an increasingly strange and intense presence in their quiet suburban home, she turns to her scientist boyfriend to take on the violent forces that paranormal experts are too frightened to face.

General Information

Director: Alistair Legrand
Scriptwriter: Luke Harvis, Alistair Legrand
Cast: Ali Larter, Arjun Gupta, Max Rose, Chloe Perrin
Running Time: 86 minutes
Release Date: 16 September 2015

Full Cast and Crew

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DANIEL IRAWAN (Dan at the Movies)

While the idea of combining horror with sci-fi is quite brilliant, the storytelling and executions in The Diabolical couldn’t live up to it. Rating: ★★1/2


You get relatively strong and resilient characters, which is a nice change for a haunted house horror once in a while — although you never know why or how they get to be this way. Aside from that, The Diabolical is a mess. Legrand tried to take a new spin on an exhausted story and blend it with sci-fi to make the characters look more active and empowered. But, he failed to do it in an engaging way, and you ended up being served with a puzzling sci-fi, and a horror movie that doesn’t scare. Rating: NA


Last Updated: 19 September 2015


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