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Solace (2015)



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Posted June 19, 2016 by

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Seorang mantan dokter dengan kemampuan cenayang bernama John Clancy (Anthony Hopkins) terseret dalam sebuah kasus pembunuhan berantai, hanya untuk tahu belakangan bahwa sang pembunuh (Colin Farrell) juga seorang cenayang, membuat keduanya dapat menebak setiap tindakan yang mereka lakukan satu sama lain.


A former doctor with psychic abilities named John Clancy (Hopkins) is drawn into a serial killer case only to find that the killer (Farrell) also is a psychic, leading to a showdown between the two who can detect each other’s every move. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen), Abbie Cornish (Limitless) and Marley Shelton (Scream 4) co-star. Brazilian filmmaker Afonso Poyart (Two Rabbits) directed the film from a screenplay by Jamie Vanderbilt, Sean Bailey, Peter Morgan and Ted Griffin.

General Information

Director: Afonso Poyart
Scriptwriter: Sean Bailey, Ted Griffin
Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Abbie Cornish, Colin Farrell, Matt Gerald, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Marley Shelton
Running Time: 100 minutes
Release Date: 18 June 2016

Full Cast and Crew

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DANIEL IRAWAN (Dan at the Movies)

Having solid performance and potential to be a cleverly dark psychic-psychological thriller, Solace unfortunately lost itself in uneven pace, and too many loose ends, too, rather than calling it plot holes. Rating: ★★★


Last Updated: 19 June 2016


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