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Collide (2016)



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Posted August 20, 2016 by

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Film Bloggers Review: ★★★ (2 reviews)


Untuk membiayai perawatan medis darurat sang pacar (Jones) ketika di luar negeri, Casey (Hoult) berkomplot melakukan aksi pencurian obat terlarang untuk seorang gangster eksentrik (Kingsley). Setelah aksi tersebut gagal, ia menjadi buronan di Eropa dalam sebuah kejar-kejaran seru melawan waktu untuk menyelamatkan nyawa pacarnya dari seorang gembong narkoba jahat (Hopkins).


To pay for his girlfriend’s (Jones) medical emergency while abroad, Casey (Hoult) schemes to pull a drug heist for an eccentric gangster (Kingsley). After a failed attempt, he embarks across Europe on an action-packed chase in a race against time to save his girlfriend’s life from being taken by an evil druglord (Hopkins).

General Information

Director: Eran Creevy
Scriptwriter: Eran Creevy, F. Scott Frazier
Cast: Felicity Jones, Nicholas Hoult, Anthony Hopkins, Ben Kingsley, Nadia Hilker, Clemens Schick
Running Time: 98 minutes
Release Date: 20 August 2016 (midnight show)

Full Cast and Crew

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DANIEL IRAWAN (Dan at the Movies)

True Romance meets Smokey and the Bandits in smaller scale yet more explosive car chase, Collide is a no-brainer fun action ride. Rating: ★★★

ELBERT REYNER (A Cinephile’s Diary)

Collide packs some seriously awesome action sequences and super stylish score that will never fail to excite you. But, the script … Jesus. Rating: ★★★


Last Updated: 22 August 2016


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